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It has just occurred to me that I must have a few dozen more students this year – I even calculated the exact number when I arrived home from work this evening – 114.  Considering the fact that the majority of them are quite advanced, designing & marking their tests as well as proofreading their written work tend to take ages. My website is A REAL TIME SAVER. I mean it. My students even practise writing letters online. Some teens boo, of course, but the majority and I are happy – I don’t waste time deciphering illegibly written work. Moreover, students can make use of all sorts of dictionaries, etc.  Another interesting by-product of all this online activity is that I can easily print out sample answers (having removed their authors’ names)  or use them as raw material for designing various exercises especially those focusing on common mistakes. Unlike paper-and-pencil tests, interactive ones can be done several times, and many students actually do each quiz a few times aiming at boosting their scores. The downside is that the initial effort required when I design a test from scratch is enormous. Whatever I do, marking creative writing assignments is bound to remain my pet hate for years to come.


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